Friday, August 24, 2007

What Happened To Us?

Dan Perjovschi, Bucharest-based contemporary artist, concludes his first site-specific installation in the United States at the Museum of Modern Art in New York this weekend. I've been to see it a couple of times. On one level, as the husband will insist on saying, it is just a series of random cartoonish scribblings, the kind you or me used to do on the last page of our notebooks in school. Well, maybe not me, but my more artistic friends probably did! Anyway, it is a satiric reflection of American society, and even more generally modern society today, and some of his cartoons are amusingly profound. You can see a printable version of the installation here, (seriously, go through it and tell me what you think!) and watch Perjovschi as he installed it in MoMA and explained his work here:


D for Dawn said...

Oh boy! His images did make sense, but somehow made me feel - ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I mean - those are scribblings. Is it the artist or the art that is given importance here?

wanderstruck said...

The art, in my opinion. At one level it really is ridiculously basic but the fact is - it's still amusing to look through :-) Maybe one of us should have thought of installing it in MoMA before he did - hahahaha!