Thursday, August 02, 2007

'I want to practise a new yoga posture'

John Tierney of the NYT writes about a University of Texas-Austin research project which aims to document, of all things, why humans have sex. Seriously, is it something that needs to be researched?!!! Some people have time, and some people have money to help them spend their time one way or the other, I tell you. Imagine getting paid for something like this!

Anyway, some really funny and stupid answers came up (as I would have expected!), such as 'I wanted to feel closer to God' (WTF?????!!!!) or 'I was drunk' (well, mate, at least you're being honest!). Tierney has also invited readers to nominate their own reasons at TierneyLab.

And, uh, no - I haven't submitted any reasons yet - but you can feel free to ;) - and don't forget to let me know what they were!!

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