Monday, August 13, 2007

'My Cousin Vinny' in Hindi? That needs to be seen!

'My Cousin Vinny' is the husband's favourite movie. When I read that Ravi Chopra has bought the copyright of the 1992 comedy for which Marisa Tomei won an Oscar, my first thought was 'I don't believe this!!'. Hindi movies ripping off Hollywood ones is nothing new, but for Hindi mainstream film producers to actually buy the rights of a movie before making a movie that was 'inspired' by a foreign one, is not very common. If you click the link above, you'll be surprised at how many 'inspired' (as opposed to 'inspiring') movies have been made. In fact, while searching for information on whether there have been cases of producers actually buying the copyright before making a film that they, for all practical purposes, copied, I found that non-compliance with copyright laws may land the David Dhawan-directed, Govinda-starrer 'Partner', released earlier this year, in trouble. Apparently Sony Pictures Entertainment and Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment House, makers of the romantic comedy 'Hitch', plan to sue Eros and K Sera Sera, makers of 'Partner' for $30 million over copyright infringement.

So it's a good sign that the industry is waking up to the importance of copyright laws in India. Now my only hope is that Chopra doesn't make a total mess of the brilliant 'My Cousin Vinny'!

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