Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gone nuts

...has blogrolling. Backwards spelt sentence.

No seriously, when such dormant bloggers as Sharad and Skepsi show a blinking 'Struck anew' next to their name, I know something's not quite right with the universe. For that matter, EVERYone on my blogroll suddenly shows hectic activity, so I know its some trick conjured up by the Masters of the Blogrolling Universe. That, or I've suddenly stepped into the Twilight Zone.



Penny Lane said...

Did mine have a struck anew? Cos I updated on Sat... and also, I have switched commenting back on so I better get some comments from you ok??!!

wanderstruck said...

Hey!! Yes it did that day - when I posted I mean!! And i noted later the same thing happened with a few others so must have been a tech issue. And thats so cool you turned it back on - I will comment, promise :D