Thursday, February 21, 2008

There she goes...

The other day, (a couple of days ago), I went ice-skating. In five minutes, I was down with a fractured ankle. An ambulance took me to the nearest hospital, x-rays were taken and a splint put on my foot. The net result of all this is that I will probably be out of any noteworthy action for about 6 weeks, but I am sincerely hoping it will be less. I think I’m being a reasonably good patient, apart from momentary lapses into self-pity which are completely unwarranted, because come on, there are millions of people with much bigger problems in life, after all! So I grin and bear it with good grace. The most difficult part so far was sitting on my ‘fanny’ (as the nurse at the hospital called it) and somehow hauling myself upstairs to my 5th-floor apartment, one butt and one stair at a time.(No, there is no elevator). Oh, I can be the ‘butt’ of so many jokes now, yeah yeah!

The good things I am trying to gain from this experience (and it’s only week one) are:

1. Becoming a good disciple of Buddha, (or a lesson in patience). I used to be such a ‘come on, let’s do this NOW’ kind of person, and now I am left with no choice but to wait and do things slowly, if I can do them with one leg, or else wait for someone to help me.

2. Mental self-help, (or learning to better manage my time using my head and not a sheet of paper, though I suppose I could use both now that I have the time) - how Stephen. R. Covey-like does THAT sound!

3. Learning the IHOP menu. Except in my case, it's 'I hop', i.e, the one-legged dance, you know?

Let’s see what other lessons the next few weeks bring!

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