Saturday, February 23, 2008

And my vote goes to...

Oscar fever is in the air, and for a change I'm not going to take shots at who is going to win the most talked-about Best Actor, Actress, Film or Director awards. I took the time to listen to all the nominees for Best Song and am safely placing my bets on 'Falling Slowly' from the OST of 'Once'. The other three nominated songs are ALL from 'Enchanted', which I found rather strange. I mean, were there so few original songs this year that 3 nominated songs wound up being from the same film? I don't even think that all three are truly worth being nominated, especially not 'A Happy Working Song'. Some of the interludes in 'So Close' and 'That's How You Know' are not bad, and the tunes are reasonably catchy, but Best Song? Not for me, anyway. So without further ado, listen to 'Falling Slowly', performed by Glen Hansard, vocalist and guitarist of Irish band The Frames, and Marketa Irglova, a Czech songwriter and musician who first met Hansard when he visited her hometown in the Czech Republic. Apart from being lead actor and actress in 'Once', the 38-year-old Hansard and 20-year-old Irglova also briefly dated.

The lyrics of the song are equally beautiful.

**Update: I forgot to mention 'Raise it up' from the OST of 'August Rush' which was also nominated, but guess what - my song won!

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