Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Poppin and popout :-)

Just thought I'd dust some of the cobwebs off this blog o' mine.

I didn't know till last week that a cousin of mine reads this blog (probably 'used' to read, thanks to the inactivity). I had no clue till then, and I wasn't quite sure whether I should panic or not. (Did I reveal any extremely secret secrets on my blog? Uhmm..Ahmm...AAAAAA!!!!!). No, I'm OK. Nothing scandalous. Boring, huh?

I'm in a good mood today, though I have the prospect of staying late at work staring me in the face. Still, it doesn't matter. Oh, and I HAVE to insert a couple of these here because I think they are such fun (link via Penny Lane's blog) :

Au revoir for now, folks!


Penny Lane said...

Hehe... I'm going to try and animate them so they bob up and down... that's really the best :-)

Welcome back! Oh, and my uncle (technically only uncle, he's only 5 years older than me) also stumbled on my blog through some six degrees of linking... We are not as annoymous as we'd like to think we are :-)

wanderstruck said...

Hi Penny! Thanks - Nice to know someone still reads my blog :-) Do tell when the animation works, and I agree - we really aren't as anonymous as we think we are!

friend said...

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