Thursday, June 15, 2006

Go figure!

Last weekend, for the first time in my life, I saw a condom-vending machine in a public place in India.

Where, do I hear you ask?

In the ladies' toilet of Rex Theatre, Bangalore, which is one of the oldest in the city!

Either they are more forward than the multiplexes, or I've just been walking around with my eyes closed.

Go figure!


One Who Nets The Dot said...

This proves that Rex theatre management along with most of India 'rightly' think that its the responsibility of women to NOT get pregnant or pass on STDs. :D
But then ofcourse I do not know if they have one in the guys restroom. Can you please let me know if you ever find out...

Roshan said...

I haven't been to Rex in years and years...but I wonder if the ladies toilet was once upon a time the gents toilet.

Penny Lane said...

Where've you gone to?

bigtimejerk said...
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bigtimejerk said...

finally!!phewww!!i was wondering wen exactly they were gonna fill da machines o'er der far as i kno da machines(atleast da 1 in da mens room) der hav been empty for da past 1 year.3 cheers 4 da management!!but i dunno.da news aint very cheering to me..guess im just an old fashioned(??-god!!but im stil in my teens) piece o shit who believes in da thought "safe sex is better dan sex without a "chatri" but no sex is even better"(sex here means premarital sex of course!!)

Bharath Hemachandran said...

Wow. India has certainly changed since I was there last!

Oh hi. Wandered onto your page from some place else.

Lol @ one who nets the dot. Very true that. Or maybe they have a machine in both rooms hoping that the women will be more responsible in case the guy is not?

wanderstruck said...

OneWhoNetsTheDot: Not being a male, I can't exactly find that out...maybe you would like to venture there one day and unearth the secret :-)

Roshan: Good guess!

Penny Lane: I know, I must get back to bloglife...hopefully soon...and I'm glad you're back, by the way!

Bharath: Hello...and you're right, maybe that IS what they hope!!