Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sports, politics and religion - the cauldron bubbles

Sania Mirza moves up to No.34 in the world rankings after making it to the last 16 in the US Open and Anju Bobby George climbs to No. 4 in long jump world rankings after her silver at the World Athletics Championship in Monaco. Excellent news for Indian sports. But beyond the stadium lights, there is a bit of what I’d call prejudice at work. Read this article in Calcutta’s The Telegraph, which puts down very well what is happening in India to sportspeople who are not so good with their PR:

“One is glamorous, cocky, looks and sounds good on TV and is world no. 42 in her sport.

The other, with average looks and excelling in a non-spectator sport, is world no. 6.

The first, tennis ace Sania Mirza, commands the second-highest sponsorship fees in India after Sachin Tendulkar and is on record that she doesn’t need government aid any more.

The second, grandmaster Koneru Humpy, appealed to the Andhra Pradesh government for funds so that she could train for the world chess championships coming up early next year.

So who did the money go to?”

You don’t need to read the article to know the answer. Sania Mirza it is. The government of Andhra Pradesh has so far given her Rs. 60 lakh and a housing plot, and has ignored Humpy’s requests.

All is fair and love, war and sports?

On another note, a Muslim boy in Ranchi was pulled up by the madrassa for putting up a poster of Sania Mirza on a wall in his room. When the boy was brought in front of the seminary, he argued that he was an Irfan Pathan fan too. To which the retort was whether he was aware or not of the dresses the two sported. (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Religion can make for highly confused individuals sometimes.


Sharad said...

Sania is highest paid after Sachin ? What happened to Dravid and Paes and Karthikeyan and all those guys ?

And you should check out Hampi's website - pretty cute actually :P First thing she needs to do is fire the guy who made the site.

wanderstruck said...

yup she is. she's overtaken them all now - dravid was no.2 earlier. karthikeyan, rathore etc. come after.