Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Birthday Gift

She sat thinking intently…
Where could she hide it?
Under the bed?
Or maybe in the kitchen cupboard –
He’d never wander there - did he ever?!!

It was special after all,
His birthday.

As he walked in the door rosy-cheeked from the cold,
She smiled at him happily, like a new bride.
‘Happy Birthday, darling’, she said – sang, almost.
She waited for him to wash his face (tap on - splash splash splash – tap off)
And as he turned around to face her,
She hugged him lovingly,
Her unwavering hand wrapped tightly around his moulded back.

Then she stood back and watched
As he looked at the darkening river flowing down his stomach.


Penny Lane said...

Oh my... that's a bit dark... but, well written. Should we warning your hubby? Hehe

wanderstruck said...

Hey you..thanks! It is dark, isn't it?!! I think the hubby is safe...sometimes I need to let my 'dark' side out this way..haha. When you leaving?

Sharad said...

what ? she killed him ? why ?

wanderstruck said...

because she wanted to. he wasn't being very nice to her, obviously :)