Friday, June 22, 2007

The Boss!!!

May I point the numerous Thalaivar fans that exist worldwide in the direction of The Boss' movie site. Shankar is certainly moving with the times - Yash Raj Films, you have competition from the South! I tried to do a bit of Googling and could not find anything to prove that Sivaji - The Boss is NOT the first Tamil movie to have a website, that too highly technologically advanced, with legal downloading of songs, trailers, cast, crew, story, etc etc. As The Boss himself would say, "Coooooooool!"

Random thought: As lavishly picturised as the very lyrical song 'Sahana saral thoo' is, did the angels have to be inserted here and there?!!!

And here, my friends, is a camera print of the song! Crazy fan who did that, thank you - hehe!

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