Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The P Problem

Why do I have to pee so much when I drink alcohol?

Question: Why do I have to pee so much when I drink alcohol?

Answer: Alcohol is a diuretic--the overabundant urge to urinate while drinking is caused by the alcohol's diuretic properties. Specifically, alcohol causes your body to expel water. Since your body is persistently excreting more water than is ingested you run the risk for dehydration. Being dehydrated is the main reason you have a whopping headache, feel fatigued, and thirsty the next day.

OK, all that is fine. I have a question: has ANYONE - anyone - ever had the experience of becoming completely sober (or at least 80% sober) the MINUTE you go to the washroom (why am I bothering to be delicate anyway?!!!) after ingesting alcohol???

Responses appreciated :-)


D for Dawn said...
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D for Dawn said...

Err..yes! And I always thought it might be one of the 3 reasons

1) A lot of alcohol leaves my body (which is kinda silly coz it really does not)
2) The water that you wash your hands with, and sometimes your face, kind of wakens your mind. That does sober you up
3) You move away from all that noisy, smoky atmosphere (if you are in a pub) and that breath of fresh air also makes you sober

There you go....cannot think of anything more. :D
So, I usually avoid budging an inch from where I sit. :D

Raccoon said...

heck no!!!! technically, you stand to get even more smashed if you take a leak after getting drunk.

Most of the leak is water so effectively, the alcohol in your blood is becoming even more concentrated with all that water being flushed out.

So it should be equivalent to downing a neat peg coz there aint anymore water in the system to dilute it.


Raccoon said...

tho maybe all the smell of ammonia (smelling salts!) and puke around would knock the mind back into senses:-D

wanderstruck said...

@ d for dawn: hahaha. i don't think the water used for washing hands has anything to do with it in my case!! but the noisy, smoky pub reason is good..its only momentary though. and yes, i try to put off going till the last minute too!

@ raccoon: your explanation is highly amusing!!! if the bloodstream becomes more alcohol-concentrated after peeing, by your logic you don't need to continue drinking after going to the loo just once!:-D and i don't go to places where there is puke around - man, which bars do you go to?!!!

Raccoon said...

hehe, you see, its just that I'm in my senses enough to see that theres puke around:-P

as for the need not to get even more drunk - technically yeah you wont need to get more drunk since you'd get another slight kick after peeing. but then you know human tendencies no...once the pressure is off their bladders, they'll tank right up again to get higher and therein happens a vicious circle of getting drunk and drunker till you add to the puke in the washroom:-D

disclaimer: all of the above is idle conjecture and only a reflection of how reality should be. the author does not harbour any pretensions of extra knowledge but will be happy to claim any kudos arising from correct assertions if proven thus, in the future.

Shilpa said...

Yes, because I think it's got to do with the slight realisation that you are "on your own" in this territory, and if you fall flat on your face or lock yourself in or something, it's going to be mighty unpleasant not to mention embarrassing!:P

wanderstruck said...

Shilpa: Good one!!!