Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stress and and intrapersonal dynamics

What does one do when faced with a dilemma like this at work: your immediate boss asks you to make a presentation one way, but another senior person asks you to do the same thing a different way. You tell them both what you are feeling: that the two are sending out different messages to you and you don’t know whose instructions to follow. The two of them lock horns, and you are caught in the crossfire. The two agree to disagree and go off in minor huffs to their respective cabins. Your immediate boss explains to you what exactly to do and why, but the other person is suitably miffed and considers the two of you, who were supposed to be part of a larger presentation, as now separate and ‘on your own’.

I’m supposed to make my part of the presentation tomorrow. Let’s see what the reactions are.

The world of business and the excitement it brings, I tell you…

P.S: The stress too. Thank God this does not happen on a regular basis to me!

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Sharad said...

Baba Ramdev would say that the solution lies in a good breathing technique and a good sleeping posture. Good luck for the presentation.