Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Year has dawned...

Happy New Year everyone.

2006 has started off on a very satisfactory note for me. I’ve already managed to do a few of the things I suggested in my last piece here. The weekend was rocking. V finally made it to Bangalore and there was no better time for him to come here than New Year’s. You know, many people ask me now and again how we have managed to sustain a long-distance relationship for close to 4 years. Seriously – I don’t know. There is no precise answer to that. It’s a lot of things – love, patience, commitment, compromise and trust being the foremost that come to my mind right now. It hasn’t been easy but it’s always felt right – I guess that’s what has kept us going.

Non-stop partying was the key phrase last weekend. Friday we went to the 13th Floor, which with its view of Bangalore and a nippy breeze blowing, was really refreshing as we went about downing a few drinks. Saturday was the day for a pleasant lunch at 100 Feet. It’s got such good décor and I don’t think most people realise that they have some pretty cool ethnic clothes, accessories and home fittings as well. Must go back there to pick up some stuff (mental note). And New Year’s Eve started out pretty badly with both of us coming down with fever and colds, but at the newly-renovated Noir Bar (previously the well-known ‘F’ bar), with unlimited drinks and snacks for the ticket that we bought, we were soon having a pretty good evening and didn’t even realise how midnight struck and 2006 waltzed in unnoticed – or should I say grooved in. On Sunday, we met some friends at Firangi Paani (‘The English Spirit’, the tagline says) at The Forum which was so packed I felt like I was a sardine in a tin can – I was just relieved when we managed to squeeze into Firangi Paani which had a bit more breathing space. I must be growing old – crowds and smoke no longer excite me. When I think of college and all the crazy times I had, even with all the smoke and crowds, it feels like such a different me now.

And by the way, guess what, I got my top 50 songs CD (V recorded it and gave it to me), and today I've heard the songs thrice over so far..ALL of them! I love those songs!

I wish I didn’t need to come to work today but it’s been pretty quiet so far, so no complaints. Mainly thanks to the fact that my boss is still on leave – haha.

Anyway, I’m not making any resolutions this year, let’s just see what 2006 has in store for me. It’s always the journey that’s so much more interesting than arrival at the destination (I keep reading that on the TV screen when I watch fillers on Discovery Travel and Living, one of my favourite channels) and this year, I hope to live that motto – enjoy the journey.

P.S: SublimePattern, time to start posting again - your last one-line blog piece has not had the desired reaction (heheheheh evil smile) :-)


Sharad said...

Happy New Year !!!

The 50 song CD sounds awesome ...must've been pretty hard to compile !

wanderstruck said...

hey HNY to you too! how long will you be around in india?
i guess it was - i'm just happy i got it finally - the Beatles songs on it all rock!