Sunday, January 23, 2005

Mussoorie - Truly lording it over the plains

Outlook Traveller's Weekend Breaks from Delhi has a caption below the word 'Mussoorie' - 'Lording it over the plains'. That it truly does. Home to Ruskin Bond, Mussoorie is one of the more picturesque hill-stations I have come across. I stopped at the locally revered Shiva temple on the winding road uphill from Dehradun, which has a steady stream of devotees. I'm sure there are those who go there for the free hot tea and sweets (given as 'prasad') and for the magnificent view as well. As you proceed towards Mussoorie, the change in the temperature is noticeable - a much cooler breeze hits your face as the road curves upwards. But I couldn't have asked for a better day - the contrast of lush green hills against an azure blue sky with cotton clouds floating above is really poetic and will inspire even the most barren heart.

Snowfall the previous day had brought down temperatures and a proposed visit to the nearby Kempty Falls had to be shelved because at a certain point, there were a few well-intentioned men who took upon themselves the responsibility of warning approaching ignorants that if they proceeded any further by vehicle, they would slip and slide. So I got off and started walking, but after slipping and sliding considerably on the snow and ice-covered road, I beat a hasty retreat. Some brave people tried to overcome nature (2 groups in cars and 2 on motorcycles) but they met with an even worse experience. It was even amusing, the way these vehicles would stubbornly go the opposite direction the steering wheel was trying to get them to move in!

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